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Financial solution is a process of identifying short term, medium term and long term goals and aspirations which occurs in different life cycle of a family. Once your financial objectives are streamlined, then  those goals and aspirations are converted  in monetary value. Allocating the surplus cash flow (Potential savings) in an optimum asset allocation as per reasonable risk for achieving the goals in desired time period.

Financial Planning process of Rhythm is breaking down your future goals in to short term, medium term and long term. Once your goals are identified then each  goal  is  converted in monetary values based on the time duration and current  inflation. A Portfolio is created with different asset classes to achieve the goals with desired risk .  A suitable protection plan to insure the portfolio or cash flow is worked before the investment in portfolio begins. Finally review of portfolio and rebalancing  at periodic intervals would be done  for monitoring  the portfolio and make necessary corrections if required.  Portfolio is basket of financial products.
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